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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

More about CoinPot and Claiming Cryptocurrency

So, now you know what these terms are and have a bit of a basic idea of what cryptocurrency is in general. How do you earn money this way? How do you take advantage of these free coins and faucets? This is a bit of a better explanation step by step on
what exactly to do to profit. As with all my pages, this will be constantly reviewed and updated to make sure you are getting the best information out there.

So, one of the faucets I mentioned last time is CoinPot. This is a wallet that allows you to mine currency and claim from the faucets in the previous post. See here for another look at those faucets.
Signing up with CoinPot is very simple. All you do is enter an email address and password you like and get started. Since all the moon family of faucets exclusively use CoinPot as their wallet of choice, all you have to do to get paid correctly is just use the same email address to register that you used with CoinPot and all your deposits will automatically be placed there. Now, you might be tempted to stop there and go straight to claiming, which is fine, but I want to make sure you knew everything you needed to in order to make the most of your time. CoinPot offers a mining option where you open up a tab in your browser and select the type of mining you would like to do. Personally as my computer is TERRIBLE, I use the light/minimum CPU setting because that keeps my computer from running even worse than it already is. As there are minimums you must meet before you can withdraw to a more useful wallet, simply claiming and mining are things you should learn and do for a while. If you are more into this, then there are more things that you can do, but I will be keeping it pretty simple for now. Please remember that you are mining/claiming really small amounts of cryptocurrency. Do not feel bad that you aren't making a lot. It is okay, because you're learning a lot AND are getting this for FREE.

Speaking of mining, there is a software that you can download to your phone or computer that does something similar, but for a few more currencies than CoinPot supports. This program/app is called MinerGate: MinerGate allows you to mine a few lesser known coins. You may not make a lot,  but my opinion is any income you don't have to work for is the best! I personally have had to stop mining since my computer simply cannot keep up, but if you have a decent computer with power, this is a good idea.

I am still working other posts with tons of information, so please stay tuned! I had a lot to catch up this week.

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