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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

So it has come to my attention that the fees for various exchanges and wallets is somewhat of a mystery. I want to change this as best as I can by giving you a broad overview so you're not confused or wasting a ton of money you don't need to. If I wrote a dedicated list of fees it would take forever to read, so for now I'm keeping it to Coinbase.
Internal transfers...between your bank account, into currency, and to other users...between $1 US dollar and $3 US Dollars.
External transfers/sends/payments:
Bitcoin: Between $9(rare) US Dollars to over $38 dollars per send
I have not made any external transfers with Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash so I don't know what they are. Will update when I make them.
Litecoin (my favorite for very obvious reasons) Between 25 cents to 79 cents for sent currency. The most I was charged to send LTC was literally 79 cents. If you're wanting to send out bitcoin, don't. Transfer the amount you wish to send into your US Dollar wallet(for American citizens, I'm not sure how it works for those who do not use US dollar currency) and then to litecoin, and then out. Make sure where you're sending it to accepts Litecoin AND that the address is for Litecoin only.

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