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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cryptopia, Gains, Losses, and Percentages.

Welcome to the next post on AllThingsCrypto! Today we will be talking about prices and percentages on Cryptopia. This will hopefully give you an idea on what I'm talking about when I talk percentages. As always, please feel free to ask questions! I will answer them to the best of my ability OR I will refer you to someone who can. Thank you for reading!
Please keep in mind that I am not a professional trader, and my opinions are only opinions. Please do your own research before you buy or sell. I may receive a small benefit if you sign up for Cryptopia under my referral link. This helps me continue to run this blog full time and provide more information to ya'll.

Smallest Valued Cryptocoins; Top 10:
This picture shows the ten smallest valued cryptocurrency coins on Cryptopia. These values change pretty quickly both up or down. The joy about these tiny coins is that you can buy thousands for much less than the bigger coins and then sell them once they reach a certain price that you choose. If they do NOT go up, you're not out as much.

Percentage Gains over 24 hours; Top 10
This picture is the highest percentage gains as of around seven pm, US Central Standard time. When trading, you look at percentages gained and decide to sell based on the income you would receive by trading into your desired currency and whether or not the price will continue to go up or down. This is the art of trading...trying to figure out when to buy and sell. When you see large percent increases, the choice to sell is more tempting especially when you examine the next picture.

Biggest Losses over 24 hours: Top 10
Here you can see the percentage losses. Now, if you'd sold any of these coins when they were at the previous percentages, now would be the time to go ahead and re-buy the coins of your choice. Now, with the prices back low, you stand to benefit from these decreases much more.

Please Remember!

The goal of this post is to provide familiarity to those who may be new and who know nothing about trading. I know this is very simplified, and that is okay with me. My interest is the newbie, the person who knows next to nothing. Thank you for reading! Tune in later to learn the intricacies of sending/receiving, trading, and more!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

So it has come to my attention that the fees for various exchanges and wallets is somewhat of a mystery. I want to change this as best as I can by giving you a broad overview so you're not confused or wasting a ton of money you don't need to. If I wrote a dedicated list of fees it would take forever to read, so for now I'm keeping it to Coinbase.
Internal transfers...between your bank account, into currency, and to other users...between $1 US dollar and $3 US Dollars.
External transfers/sends/payments:
Bitcoin: Between $9(rare) US Dollars to over $38 dollars per send
I have not made any external transfers with Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash so I don't know what they are. Will update when I make them.
Litecoin (my favorite for very obvious reasons) Between 25 cents to 79 cents for sent currency. The most I was charged to send LTC was literally 79 cents. If you're wanting to send out bitcoin, don't. Transfer the amount you wish to send into your US Dollar wallet(for American citizens, I'm not sure how it works for those who do not use US dollar currency) and then to litecoin, and then out. Make sure where you're sending it to accepts Litecoin AND that the address is for Litecoin only.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

More about CoinPot and Claiming Cryptocurrency

So, now you know what these terms are and have a bit of a basic idea of what cryptocurrency is in general. How do you earn money this way? How do you take advantage of these free coins and faucets? This is a bit of a better explanation step by step on

Saturday, January 6, 2018

What is Cryptocurrency anyways?

So, you want to start learning more about this new strange market? Here's some terms and definitions to get you started. There are so many more terms than this, but I believe

What are cryptofaucets?

Faucets are free websites where you are able to claim certain amounts of satoshi within a certain amount of time. Some faucets allow you to claim every five minutes, ten minutes, or an hour while others (my favorites) allow you to claim whenever you want as long as it's every five minutes minimum. I'm listing a variety of these faucets at the end of this post
Before you start claiming from faucets, you need a wallet that lets you deposit super small amounts of currency. Faucethub* and Coinpot. Some faucets only pay to coin pot, and others only to faucet hub. The goal is to make enough claims to be able to withdraw from these microwallets into your main wallet or exchange.
My Verified Faucets:
*NOTE* Sometimes there's a lot of popups that happen while claiming from these faucets. This isn't a sign that your pc has been hacked, but a way to help fund these faucets and to help them continue to be profitable. They are annoying, but as long as you just close them as you get them you should be fine. Also, a lot of these will be disabled or unusable if you have popup blockers or advertiser blocking software since the sites rely strongly on advertiser income. If you don't want to trust these sites due to the popups, that's up to you, but you need to remember that there will be a significantly smaller amount of sites available to you. Each of these particular faucets dumps their earnings directly to CoinPot... In order to "log in" to these faucets, all you need is the email address you set up with CoinPot and all your earnings will be automatically placed there. There is nothing else you need to do other than solving the captcha and clicking "claim"
Bonus Bitcoin: Allows you to claim every fifteen minutes.
Moon BitcoinMoon LitecoinMoon DogecoinMoon DashcoinAllows you to claim as many times a day as you want with a minimum of five minutes between claims. Offers varying bonuses for claiming every day and more. All of the "moon" faucets offer this benefit.

With the exception of Bonus Bitcoin, each of these faucets are unique in that they allow you to claim as often or as little as you want. The bare minimum time between claims is five minutes, but you can claim at any time interval you want. I have noticed that often the faucet amounts increase quickly up to a certain time period, and then begin to decrease, which means that you can pull every ten to twenty minutes and earn slightly more than if you pulled every hour. This little interesting  fact makes it really easy to continue to earn while you're not at your computer as the amounts tend to still go up. Another interesting tidbit about these three faucets is that they offer bonuses for claiming every day, bonuses for referrals, and a mystery bonus for claiming every day. This set of bonuses can be really helpful to build up your collection. For this week, your goal should be setting up these accounts, building up currency, and allowing the Coinpot miner to build up some of your balance without working for it (more on that later). This is a fantastic idea for a stay at home parent who can claim a few faucets per day and let the proceeds build up. This may not give you millions in the next few days, but give it time and you just might make a decent income.

*At the time of this publication, I am not able to give a full list of faucet hub linked faucets. My goal is to give information quickly and accurately, and adding the faucethub faucets will take a while.  Coinpot is also very simple and allows you to figure out how to use faucets without the complication of faucethub. 

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